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Waterdrinker organizes GTC Days for the third time


For the third time, Waterdrinker is organizing this exciting week with Meet & Greets with growers, extra GTC Deals, plenty of novelties and special plants, must-haves of the season and much more. Especially on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays a lot is about to happen: Bloemenbureau Holland presents the consumer campaign "Bedankt Plant" and gives tips on how to entice consumers to buy more plants. A VT Wonen stylist is present to tell you everything about the latest trends in colors and plants and at the GTC Prize Wheel green prizes are given away. Dillewijn Zwapak will show the latest collections and offers special GTC Deals.

The opening times of the GTC Days are:

Sunday 8-905.00-14.00
Monday 9-905.00-21.00
Tuesday 10-905.00-21.00
Wednesday 11-905.00-15.00
Thursday 12-905.00-15.00
Friday 13-905.00-13.00

GTC Days

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