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Dillewijn Zwapak opens shop-in-shop in Waterdrinker Green Trade Center


Opening Waterdrinker GTC

Modern, stylish and above all inspiring is the best way to describe Dillewijn Zwapak’s shop-in-shop formula in the Waterdrinker Green Trade Center.

The opening of this sales location marks the end of the old Dillewijn Zwapak shop at Cultra. ‘After a year-long trial period at the Green Trade Center, we made a conscious decision to concentrate all of our sales activities concerning the Aalsmeer auction at one location,’ says Norbert Albers, Business Unit Manager Shops.
‘The Cultra location was very outdated and furthermore, Royal Flora Holland had other plans for it, so the move to the modern Waterdrinker Green Trade Center makes a lot of sense. These past months, we have put a lot of time into developing the shop concept, developing the IT structure and moving the stock.
For our customers, it’s great that not only the interior has a very recognisable Dillewijn Zwapak look and feel; the entire sales staff is ready to provide advice.’
At the GTC, the complete range of packaging solutions and florist articles will be sold, along with the recently introduced “Selected” line. Dillewijn Zwapak has uniform prices in all shops and in the webshop.

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