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People – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The welfare of our employees is extremely important to us. Whether they work for Dillewijn Zwapak in the Netherlands or in Kenya, the terms of employment and the working conditions have to be good, safe and fair for everyone. The same applies to our business partners all over the world.



ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative)

We endorse the guidelines of ETI and are audited and certified in accordance with these guidelines.

More information on ETI can be found here.


Good causes
We provide direct and indirect support for projects that have a positive influence on the lives of underprivileged people in the countries in which we operate. For example, in Kenya, through our sister company Dilpack Kenya, we support a karate team, a school for the deaf and a hockey programme that targets young people.

In the Netherlands, Dillewijn Zwapak pursues a sponsoring policy that is based on social relevance and also serves general interests. Sponsor projects must have a connection with the sector in which our business operates and must have a one-off nature.

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